Joost quietly slips 1.0 beta out the door for Mac (and Windows)

The Joost team has finally released version 1.0 (beta) of the P2P video software this fine, fourth Friday of September, which brings along with it a new "spoon" UI. As detailed on the (unofficial) Joost Team Blog (apparently not written by the devs), the interface is no longer black, but instead sports a transparent gray. If this was Apple, the color change would already be labeled as a feature. 苏州美睫美甲

More interesting than the gray, however, is the completely redesigned Channel Guide. It's been renamed to "Explore" and animates out a list of available categories to choose from. This looks much nicer than the old Channel Guide, but as the blog post points out, people who are used to accomplishing certain tasks quickly may have trouble doing so with the new UI. Adding and deleting new channels from your own stored list of channels seems to be particularly difficult—"It is almost as if the interface is 75% done and is lacking 25% of it’s functionality," writes the Joost Team Blog.

Officially, the Joost for Mac release notes say that the 1.0 beta is more tolerant of bad network connections, and will continue to retry broken streams before the actual video stalls. A few other updates have been made to the way rewind and forward, age warnings, and advertisement overlays are handled, among other things.

The 1.0 beta is actually available for both Mac OS X and Windows. If you've become a Joost fan, this should be a welcome update (I'm downloading it as we speak), although the service is still invite-only. There are tons of invites floating around these days though, so if you're curious about Joost, just ask a few of your Internet buddies to hook you up.

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