Mailplane updates with Leopard compatibility and pricing details

Mailplane, Rubin Bakker's Mac OS X-integrated Gmail client, has received a feature bump and price details for when it goes gold. Bringing features like the iLife Media Browser, an Address Book panel, drag-and-drop file attaching, and Growl support to Google's e-mail service, Mailplane is a great solution for anyone who loves their Gmail but can't bring themselves to leave the power and integration of Mac OS X. HangZhou Night Net

While the last Mailplane update earlier this month added some incremental features, this update to version 1.52 adds Leopard compatibility and prepares the app for a public debut. Other new features in this release include a "don't optimize photos" option for e-mailing original copies, and obeying the "hide at startup" option from the Accounts System Preferences pane.

In addition to new localizations (Finnish and Catalan), a handful of other bugfixes, and UI tweaks, Mailplane has finally been dubbed a price of $24.95 once it goes out the door for good. A family license for $8 extra will also be available, allowing use of Mailplane on up to five Macs in the same household. If you're one of the lucky beta users though, Bakker is offering the family option for free before Mailplane goes public. Unfortunately, there is no official word on when that will be, so you'd better jump on the limited-time discount soon.

If you're interested in what Mailplane has to offer, you can check out its other features like Google Talk integration (even though it uses the Safari's speedier WebKit engine to render Gmail), support for multiple Gmail accounts (including Apps for Your Domain), an iPhoto plug-in, and instant screenshot + attachment features at the Mailplane site. You can also sign up for the private beta to try and get your hands on a copy, or seek out an invite from a friend.

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